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All anyone truly has are their thoughts, and these are mine. I find it harder every day to believe in coincidence, so if you've found these writings, I encourage you to read on. Experience is a two-way street, and I'd appreciate hearing about yours. Love.

Friday, 14 January 2011

My Smile

Innocent youth mixed with a rush
of excitement, darkness, and a crush;
soft skin
(my smile)
the touch.

A moment that is realized,
when pride has been improvised.
"What just happened!?":
(my smile)

A lap substitutes a chair.
Oxygen replaced with air:
literal sweetness!
(my smile)
your hair.

A heavy head not knowing it's lent
it's mind to cause; tired; spent:
lie back, close eyes: 
(my smile)

A smile directed like an attack
on a heart that's hurt, with love in lack:
Caught by surprise.
My smile
right back.

Things I like to think I have thought
upon, as some things are never taught:
The life you lead was a battle fought,
not merely something ancestry bought.
Like the sound of an apple being caught,
Learn to seek that which should be sought!

*I wrote thinking about things that happen/have happened and the moments in which smiles aren't necessarily shown, but felt, and how easy it is to not remember/appreciate those times.

**More than seriously though: go get an apple, throw it up in the air and catch in one hand. Listen to the sound it makes! Everything written above stemmed from an apple. Pun intended.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Departure of Dreams

The trophy glistened as if it were divine. Raising eyes and expanding chest in triumph before the masses, he offered it slowly to the sky. The expectation was there.

The deep grey clouds gracefully parted like curtains at a theater, making way for their amber glowing counterparts. There, obscured by it's brightness, beamed an awesomeness with fingers of warmth, dancing their way to the call of it's existence. The moment was there.

Palms of energy enclosed about the goblet... 
... The sustained unbroken commitment was deluded!

A fierce breeze ripped through the space, tearing apart elation with aggression not unlike the sight and surprise of two hounds brawling, leaving the collective with mixed thoughts of confusion and silent cries of alarm. The glow, with reluctance and disappointment, receded into it's dark cave of nostalgia. 

Sharp pains above the temples were felt as hopelessness spiraled through abandoned hearts in waves. The distance of sight was held, though all stares were lowered. 

His cup was void.

The flare's retreat is ever happening, recoiling to a distance unfathomable, yet still experiential --A spark. A shimmer. A twinkle.-- Forever seen. Eternally out of reach.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

"Panic in the shape of the wounded"

Dread in the frame of the crowd
Bliss in the chest of the self-endowed

Fondness in the make of the riff
Gloom in the fall of the just slipped
Shock in the wake of the swift

Fury in the stamp of the disallowed
They say it aloud!

(Say it's allowed...)

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