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Friday, 14 January 2011

My Smile

Innocent youth mixed with a rush
of excitement, darkness, and a crush;
soft skin
(my smile)
the touch.

A moment that is realized,
when pride has been improvised.
"What just happened!?":
(my smile)

A lap substitutes a chair.
Oxygen replaced with air:
literal sweetness!
(my smile)
your hair.

A heavy head not knowing it's lent
it's mind to cause; tired; spent:
lie back, close eyes: 
(my smile)

A smile directed like an attack
on a heart that's hurt, with love in lack:
Caught by surprise.
My smile
right back.

Things I like to think I have thought
upon, as some things are never taught:
The life you lead was a battle fought,
not merely something ancestry bought.
Like the sound of an apple being caught,
Learn to seek that which should be sought!

*I wrote thinking about things that happen/have happened and the moments in which smiles aren't necessarily shown, but felt, and how easy it is to not remember/appreciate those times.

**More than seriously though: go get an apple, throw it up in the air and catch in one hand. Listen to the sound it makes! Everything written above stemmed from an apple. Pun intended.

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