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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Absolute Anchor

 The being having ably circumnavigated the chaos would have smiled if he had had a mouth

 From his view, the chaos was filled with stars emanating energy into every possible direction, consuming and releasing, none able to survive without the other. He had trailed a rope in his wake. Upon return to the point in which he'd set off, he picked up the rope and tied it off. He readied himself. Like a fisherman, he wound the rope between his palm and elbow, picking up the slack. 

 With a thought as the trigger, the line receded into where he was gripping it with immense speed! It ran itself through everything that was, and the flow of energy stilled. When the rope had returned to it's source, everything was steadfast and anchored to his idea. All was frozen, and there was peace.

A perpetual moment captured.

Stabilis per ira, cupiditas, acediam, superbiam, libidinem, invidiam, gula.

And for a time, the being was pleased. 

 The being sensed a change in his surroundings. He was still holding the rope that had run through all that was. Yet his perfect stillness seemed to be changing. Something in the picture was different. Yes! All around him, the blackness was becoming lighter. A pinkish tinge began to stain the darkness. It looked as if the light were closing in around him as it grew in intensity... Brighter, and closer, and brighter, and closer!

 As the glare began too much to bear even squinting, he shut his eyes. Feeling as if a wall had slammed into his back, the light ran through him and continued on. Upon recovery, he opened his eyes and witnessed a spherical wave of light shrinking towards the center. It closed around and vanished into a perfect outline of all that was.

 He realized he was still clutching the rope and it seemed that all was the same. A snapshot. However, upon the being's closer examination, absolutely everything had changed! Everything had exchanged the tiniest fraction of energy, causing the larger picture to look the same, but the intricate moving great distances. The being noticed the surroundings beginning to lighten once more. It was happening again. 

He remains there, unable to do anything but brace for the oncoming barrage of light.

Persistens castitatis, temperantia, caritatis, industria, patientia, benignitas, humilitas.

 Stills of waves flow to the moment of a being's consciousness. The waves come and take shape of us, slowly encasing shells of energy, becoming such, and what we experience. 

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