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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My Mirror

I wrote this down with intentions of expanding on it. When revisited, it felt right the way it had been drafted.

I caught a falling leaf today.
I took it to another place far from where it should have landed. 
Was it hoping for me to catch it?
I left it next to an intersection.

On an uncharacteristically wet and overcast afternoon, I was driving down a winding Balinese road lined with orchid farms. A leaf had started floating from the overhanging tunnel of foliage. It wrapped itself around my bike mirror, forcing its existence known. It stayed there, flailing as my bike charged through the lazy air.

In retrospect, I feel sorry for the leaf.

At the time, I had the feeling that I was taking it on an adventure. I felt that without my intervention, the leaf would have suffered the same fate as the rest of it's branch. Of all the others, It had chosen me, and I had chosen it, to take it as far away as I could. It wanted something different. 

My power over it's destiny made me feel that what I was doing, was what was best.

I didn't ask the leaf though.

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