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Friday, 17 December 2010

I have some questions

Every option yours and everyone else's 'self' has ever decided upon, and all events all  have experienced through 'fortune' -from a moment ago, to birth, to millennia prior, and further- have led you to become who and where you are at this very moment... And it has brought you to the point in which you are taking the time to read this! What an unbelievable chain of events.

Will what is written here affect your future (decisions)? Will it affect others'? Has your sub-conscious treated itself to something written here without your knowing, contributing to your new, ever changing self? 

Will what is written be thatched over to the point of 'non-existence'? Will it become a flicker in your future recognition?

This next question is not keyed in an epistemological context. When you experience anything, do you really experience it? Is appreciation present? Will it be in the future?

Is it fate that has you written reading this post? Or is it solely coincidence you chancing to stumble across this?

... Will you read this again to try and get a better understanding?

What will your next action be? Is it already decided? Or, is it going to affect this unimaginable link of happenings further? 
Does logic give us no hope of a choice?  Or, will taking your next breath change the universe?

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